My Sketchbook on the sketchbooks exhibition in Poland


Do you have a sketchbook with you?

I am happy to be chosen for a collective show of SKETCHBOOKS.

My sketchbook is a hand-drawn picturebook, and it contains a short story which is called „I always wanted to be pink”. It tells about a person who is green and always wanted to be pink, and another one who is pink and always wanted to be green. I worked on semiabstract traces of green ink painted onto wet paper, and I finished it up with crayons, giving it very narrative approach, and drawing the story’s characters, details of their faces and hands, as well as bigger landscapes.

Same as last year, I submitted a sketchbook which was produced by hand. This year I made it out of paper, and last year I used paper, cartonbox and a transparent jacket with linocut figure printed on it. I’m happy to be a part of expo again this year.

Here is how the „I always wanted to be pink” came to life:

The sketchbooks were chosen for show by the Jury of „Szkic ma moc” competition, and they will be on display this summer (2023). I enjoy to be selected by the great organisers, and I am excited to see the other works together with mine in the beautiful printed catalogue that is released with the exhibition.

x Barbara


A video of my solo show „Behind the city’s surface” in States!


First of all, happy to write to you in the new year 2023!

This year starts with the exhibition of mine that is on display since December the 3rd 2022, and will be on until the end of January 2023. If some of you are currently in Florida, I’m more than happy to invite you to have a look at my show, and for the ones in other countries – I prepared a video with description of the project. The walk around the show is given by Melissa Gonzalez-Lopez, who filmed the shots of the exhibition. I put it together into a video, and provided you some close-ups of the patterns, as well as a short story about the process of creating the collection of patterns which I show on the exhibition.

The video is in English, I also added subtitles so that it is more accessible. Have a look and enjoy the watching! Let me know if this type of walks around the exhibitions interest you. For me it was very nice to sum up this exhibition, and two other before, and have a full documentation of the show, spaces, and sometimes even questions from visitors. If you are into this type of art visits, I’d be happy if you subscribe to my channel or like my video to let me know about your interest. And to see my future videos (the list is growing).

The licence for patterns is available to be bought, and I am looking forward to collaborate with textile industries. It’s been some time since I last saw my patterns printed as comfy duvets, and I developed so many new patterns since then, that this is time perhaps.

New year greetings,


solo exhibition in Valencia, Spain


My solo exhibition in Valencia will get opened next thursday, 27.10.2022, in La Finestra, Valencia.

I will be there, and if any of you will be in Valencia at that time and will want to meet me, I will be more than glad to tell you a couple of words about my art.

See you at La Finestra!

My work exhibited in Spain


My print „Midnight” is now on show in Centro Municipal De Juventud Orriols, on the collective show „Accidentes Creativos. Bosquearte”, curated by Ana Tomas Miralles. The show will be on until 10.06.2022. It is a pleasure to be a part of the show!

Moja grafika „Północ” jest prezentowana w ramach wystawy „Accidentes Creativos. Bosquearte”, trwającej do 10.06.2022 w Centro Municipal De Juventud Orriols w Hiszpanii. Kurator wystawy: Ana Tomás Miralles, Universitat Politécnica de Valencia.

gARTen and gARTen 2021 Catalogue – coming this Sunday!


This sunday at 13.00 live at my Instagram channel: I will launch the catalogue of the gARTen and gARTen 2021 projects.

Come to hear me speaking about the design process, challenges I faced as a curator and a designer.

To remind you the project: a few pictures of the show in Gdynia.

See you at my channel, 13.00!

Mundos Gráficos


It’s open! Don’t miss your chance to see this collection in December.

Big thanks to all of you who came to see it yesterday! It was a great time and I had much pleasure to share the backstage stories of printmaking processes with you. 🌸 Thank you to Casa Kamarata for the great space and music.


Wystawa już otwarta! Wielkie podziękowania dla Casa Kamarata za przestrzeń, przygotowania i muzykę i dla gości za rozmowy o grafice artystycznej i Waszą ciekawość.


FOSSILS – Solo exhibition at Iberflora in Valencia, Spain


Today begins my Solo Show FOSSILS, curated by Ana Tomás Miralles, Universitat Politècnica de València! You can see it just until 7th of October 2021, so be fast to arrive there! Free entry. Details of entrance in the poster.

It is a very unusual set of works for me. I have never yet published any of them before and they are created just for this exhibition.

The set is an effect of more than two and a half years of research on cutting on the toxicity of printmaking techniques, and of thinking about the non-biodegradable materials which are, on the other side, so commonly used. The thoughts around these subjects led to such questions as: is it, that the plastic package of the chewing gum will last more than a memory of the ones we love? What will be the fossils of XXI-century?

As a final step of this polemics, I created a set of XXI-century’s fossils, and I am presenting them on the expo.

Look carefully. They are reliefs.


Hoy empieza mi exposición individual en la Feria de Muestras de Valencia. El evento es la parte de Iberflora. Entrada gratuita. Detalles del horario en el cartel.

El proyecto FOFFILS no era publicado antes es ningun lugar, y es creado especialmente por esta exposición.

„Fósiles” es un proyecto artístico creado por Barbara Leszczyńska / Barbara El.
Una serie de trabajos que oscilan entre sujetos como: el consumismo, el derroche, cambio climático
y la catástrofe ecológica. Presentado en una manera sintética, este set es el resultado de la búsqueda
por reducir la toxicidad en los procesos de creación de arte y por otro lado la popularidad de materiales no degradables de uso singular. Pareciera que las cosas menos importantes sobrepasan a las más
importantes o es que ¿no es una bolsa de plástico algo más duradero que las memorias de nuestros
seres queridos? Como resultado nace este conjunto de relieves: libre de tinta, con matrices construidas con basura que se encontraba al lado de la calle, combinado con otros elementos como plantas e impreso en un papel de alta calidad.
Las formas de las impresiones recuerdan fósiles, imitando tótem tribales, posturas humanas y cabezas.
Los Fósiles son lo que queda con el pasar de los siglos ¿como serán los fósiles después del siglo XXI?
Las impresiones de este set son fósiles construidos a partir de basura y sobras del siglo XXI, usados
para crear tótem y siluetas con semblanzas humanas: metalizados, con máscaras, de alta tecnología.
Impresiones usadas como auto retratos del ser humano con el objetivo de mantenernos alejados de la

*La descripción del proyecto es la parte del catalogo de la exposición.

La exposición esta abierta hasta el dia 07.09.2021.

gARTen 2021 in Gdynia, Poland



I would like to invite you for the exhibition of my original project gARTen, that I am curating. The project is done as a part of the activities of Dyfuzja Science Club of Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk, Poland. The exhibition was created thanks to the support of the City of Gdynia.

The opening time: 01.07.2021, at 18:00.

The exhibition is an extension of the gARTen Project, this time with international artists from Venezuela, Cuba, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Germany, Switzerland and Poland.

Exhibiting artists:
Rosangela Aguilar [Venezuela], Mercedes Borgunska [Poland], Aglaia Brändli [Switzerland], Katrin Jason Erthel [Germany], Melissa González-López [Cuba], Weronika Grześ [Poland], Marthe Howitz [Germany], Anna Jakubowska [Poland], Tobias Konig [Switzerland], Alicia Landez [Spain],Tim Leimbach [Germany], Barbara Leszczyńska [Poland], João Melo [Portugal], Macarena Merchán Romero [Spain], Erica Monzali [Italy], Olga Wardęga [Poland], and the Special Guest: Ana Tomás Miralles, Universitat Politècnica de València [Spain].
Artists were invited by Barbara Leszczyńska (with final coordination), Olga Wardęga and Weronika Grześ.

We are honoured to be exhibiting the project in the space of Gdynia Kulturalna, under the support of the Culture Department of City Hall of Gdynia. Many thanks to Gdynia and to Culture Department of the City Hall of Gdynia for such an honour and possibility of exhibiting the gARTen 2021 Project in such an amazing space!The exhibition will be open to visit, starting at 01.07.2021, and lasting until 13.07.2021,12.00. It is free to enter.

About the exhibition:

It is an original project created by Barbara El / Leszczyńska and performed as a part of the activities of Dyfuzja Science Club of Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk, Poland. It is set to give a message in reference to the current state of all-over-the-world pandemic and lockdowns of different levels.
This is the message to the people affected by the pandemic, from the artists creating in times of pandemic. Through the message we, the artists, share feelings and emotions. We also are in an international dialogue, as most of us come from different countries.
gARTen is a garden of art, therefore it is prepared to be seen as an open-air exhibition.
The reproductions of works are followed by QR codes which will lead the viewer to the author’s work description. This multimedia aspect is a way of transferring the authors’ stories to the place where the viewers are watching the works. In the measures of social distance, the viewer will be able to listen to the author’s voice describing the story behind the artwork, in most cases from long kilometers away.

Bio-Abstracción – collective exhibition in Spain


This week, 10.06.2021 – 17.06.2021, my work, among great works of other artists, is available to be watched at Bio-Abstracción, an exhibition curated by Ana Tomás Miralles, hosted by Casa de la Cultura de Quart de Poblet, in quart de Poblet, Valencia, Spain. I am happy to be a part of the exhibition.

Od wczoraj na wystawie „Bio-Abstracción”, wśród innych prac graficznych, można oglądać moją grafikę. Kuratorką wystawy jest Ana Tomás Miralles. Wystawa ma miejsce w Casa de la Cultura de Quart de Poblet w Quart de Poblet w Walencji w Hiszpanii. Tych z Państwa, którzy czytają moje wiadomości będąc w Walencji, serdecznie zapraszam na wystawę.

„En la semana del día mundial del medioambiente, la obra se desarrolla con el objetivo de llevar a cabo una invitación a la reflexión sobre nuestro entorno, su génesis y crecimiento, promoviendo a través de la imagen la biodiversidad. Los temas tratados versan sobre el cuidado y protección de nuestro hábitat, de nuestros ecosistemas vitales, del crecimiento verde, respetuoso y sostenible contra el cambio climático en vistas a los ODSs de la agenda 2030” Bosquearte

10 de junio – 17 de junio 2021, exposición comisariada por Ana Tomás de la Universitat Politècnica de València. Casa de Cultura de Quart de Poblet.—#iberflora#bosquearte#comisariadaporAnaTomasMiralles#mostra#mostracolectiva#exhibition#wystawa#Valencia#grafismo

Kilka zdjęć z wystawy i wernisażu: / A few pictures of the exhibition and the opening:

Postcard from Home / Pocztówka z domu – collective exhibition


[ENG below]

Wystawa online „Pocztówka z domu”, w której miałam przyjemność wziąć udział podczas confinamiento w 2020r., została wyeksponowana w tym roku w formie fizycznej w Galerii Salon Akademii.

13.02.2021 – 10.03.2021, Galeria Salon Akademii, plac Konesera, Warszawa.

Pocztówka z domu: wystawa fizyczna, informacje o wystawie.

Artykuł nt. projektu „Pocztówka z domu” w Kwartalniku Naukowym FIDES ET RATIO4(44)2020ISSN 2082-7067, s. 250 – 258.

Zdjęcia z wystawy w artykule na stronie Magazynu SZUM (jedna moich dwóch prac, „Dziękujemy lekarzom”, pośród innych realizacji jest widoczna na szóstym zdjęciu).

Początkowo projekt funkcjonował w sieci Internet: Pocztówka z domu: wystawa online, 2020 (Po wyszukaniu lupką mojego imienia i nazwiska: Barbara Leszczyńska, można zobaczyć dwie wykonane przeze mnie pocztówki – zapraszam!). W ramach wystawy wyeksponowani zostali artyści z wielu ośrodków akademickich całej Polski, tworząc bogaty zbiór komunikatów wizualnych.


The online exhibition „Postcard from home” was exhibited in a physical form in Salon Akademii, Warsaw, Poland.

Article with photographs from the exhibition „Postcard from home”, in which I participated, at the Magazyn SZUM’s website – you can see one of my two postcards at the sixth picture in the article, among other works.

You can also watch my postcards at the website of the online exhibition by using a search tool, by typing the name of the author: to find my works, type Barbara Leszczyńska.