„FOSSILS” solo exhibition catalogue


I am happy to share the catalogue of my solo exhibition „Fossils”, which got the ISBN number 978-83-66271-96-8.

Have a look inside and discover my project oriented on the subject of climate crisis.

Catalogue of the exhibition
by Barbara El / Leszczyńska
Curatorship of the exhibition: Ana Tomás Miralles
(Universitat Politècnica de València)
01.10.2021- 07.10.2021
Text: Barbara El/ Leszczyńska
Works in the catalogue and concept of the exhibition: Barbara El / Leszczyńska
Exhibition made possible by Ana Tomás Miralles.
Design of the catalogue: Barbara El / Leszczyńska
Design of the front page / poster: Barbara El / Leszczyńska
Valencia 2021
ISBN: 978-83-66271-96-8
Publishing: Międzywydziałowe Środowiskowe Studia Doktoranckie,
Kierownik: prof. Krzysztof Gliszczyński
Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk
Targ Węglowy 6, 80-836 Gdańsk
Gdańsk 2023

Many thanks to Ana Tomás Miralles, Universitat Politècnica de València, for curating the project, to prof. Krzysztof Gliszczyński, Międzywydziałowe Środowiskowe Studia Doktoranckie, Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk for publishing the catalogue, and to the Library of Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk for a good experience.


My linocuts at the collective exhibition in Valencia, Spain

Poster by Erica Barattin.

This week new collective show has started in Gino Banana, and I am happy to be one of the four artists exhibited on the Gino’s walls.

What makes this show so special, is that each of the participants comes from different country – Chile, Italy, Poland and Spain. Despite the works being made in different techniques, they create a coherent visual collection. My linocuts, acrylic paintings and lithographies co-inhabit the space together with the silkscreens and vividly colorful acrylic paintings of Erica Barattin, city landscape and portrait photographies of Alicia Zomeño and illustrative risographies of Marco Ezra inspired by street art and everyday objects. Walking along the works, you move through our stories, visual language and colour pallets. The art presented in Gino Banana is created by artists from various cultures and places, that came together, to bring their observations and humour.

You can watch the show every afternoon. While watching visuals inspired by Japan, France, Spain and Portugal, you have an amazing possibility of travelling through the aromatic tastes of Italian cuisine of Gino Banana.

Printmaking by Barbara El on the show in Gino Banana, Valencia, Spain.

My photopolymer film works on collective show in Colombia


I have never been to Colombia, but my photopolymer film intaglio prints are there now! I am very happy to show my art on the show „Fragmentos Complementarios”, among many well-known printmakers, such as Ana Tomas Miralles and Olesya Dzhurayeva. The artworks of 100 artists are merged together, to create one collective work, under the curatorship of Ferney Shambo, whose doctoral research at Universidad Distrital Francisco José de Caldas was the starting point of this project.
My preparations for that exhibition took place a couple of months ago. And a day before the show was opening in Colombia, I had a pleasure to watch beautiful Colombian illustration design at BCBF in Italy. Very nice!
Many thanks to the curators and organisers for including me in the show. It will be open to public until 31.03.2023 at Sala de Exposiciones, Faculty of Arts of ASAB.

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My Sketchbook on the sketchbooks exhibition in Poland


Do you have a sketchbook with you?

I am happy to be chosen for a collective show of SKETCHBOOKS.

My sketchbook is a hand-drawn picturebook, and it contains a short story which is called „I always wanted to be pink”. It tells about a person who is green and always wanted to be pink, and another one who is pink and always wanted to be green. I worked on semiabstract traces of green ink painted onto wet paper, and I finished it up with crayons, giving it very narrative approach, and drawing the story’s characters, details of their faces and hands, as well as bigger landscapes.

Same as last year, I submitted a sketchbook which was produced by hand. This year I made it out of paper, and last year I used paper, cartonbox and a transparent jacket with linocut figure printed on it. I’m happy to be a part of expo again this year.

Here is how the „I always wanted to be pink” came to life:

The sketchbooks were chosen for show by the Jury of „Szkic ma moc” competition, and they will be on display this summer (2023). I enjoy to be selected by the great organisers, and I am excited to see the other works together with mine in the beautiful printed catalogue that is released with the exhibition.

x Barbara

My illustration on Bologna Children’s Book Fair Digital Wall


Bologna Children’s Book Fair is almost on! Meanwhile at the #DigitalWall of Bologna Children’s Book Fair‚s website you can see one of my #illustrations – and it will be displayed until the end of August! I am celebrating the Fair with a hand-drawn #illustration, done in watercolour and ink drawing.


A video of my solo show „Behind the city’s surface” in States!


First of all, happy to write to you in the new year 2023!

This year starts with the exhibition of mine that is on display since December the 3rd 2022, and will be on until the end of January 2023. If some of you are currently in Florida, I’m more than happy to invite you to have a look at my show, and for the ones in other countries – I prepared a video with description of the project. The walk around the show is given by Melissa Gonzalez-Lopez, who filmed the shots of the exhibition. I put it together into a video, and provided you some close-ups of the patterns, as well as a short story about the process of creating the collection of patterns which I show on the exhibition.

The video is in English, I also added subtitles so that it is more accessible. Have a look and enjoy the watching! Let me know if this type of walks around the exhibitions interest you. For me it was very nice to sum up this exhibition, and two other before, and have a full documentation of the show, spaces, and sometimes even questions from visitors. If you are into this type of art visits, I’d be happy if you subscribe to my channel or like my video to let me know about your interest. And to see my future videos (the list is growing).

The licence for patterns is available to be bought, and I am looking forward to collaborate with textile industries. It’s been some time since I last saw my patterns printed as comfy duvets, and I developed so many new patterns since then, that this is time perhaps.

New year greetings,


Solo exhibition in Tallahassee, USA


Hello! With this poster I would like to share it with you that I am more than happy to have the second individual exhibition of my art in Tallahassee, state city of Florida, USA.

This one is a dedicated original project of mine, in which I am showing a set of patterns inspired by the nature of Leon County. It was a great adventure for me to draw it, watching so many beautiful species that live there.

Soon I will tell you more about it and about the patterns themselves.

You will also be able to find online some items with the nature patterns, so if you search for christmas gifts for your loved ones, I will soon let you know how to find my illustrations on mugs, backpacks, pillows, courtains and beddings (I am especially excited about backpacks and beddings, as they are the items of nice trips and some rest).

Many thanks to the Le Roy Collins Library for hosting the exhibition and to Melissa Gonzalez-Lopez for help with preparations.

Have a great afternoon!

solo exhibition in Valencia, Spain


My solo exhibition in Valencia will get opened next thursday, 27.10.2022, in La Finestra, Valencia.

I will be there, and if any of you will be in Valencia at that time and will want to meet me, I will be more than glad to tell you a couple of words about my art.

See you at La Finestra!

Presentation about my art | Opowieść o mojej sztuce na Patio ASP


Being the President of Diffusion Science Club, at Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk, lets me gain experiences in various areas.

This week started with the presentation that I had a pleasure to show on a big screen at Monday at the Patio of Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk.
I talked about my art, its processes and main topics, exhibiting, inspirations, printmaking, studies abroad, art residency, being part of the China Printmaking Museum’s collection, and love to nature.


The presentation was a part of the Diffusion Science Club’s event „Inspired by art, inspired by nature” held at Patio ASP. Organisation of the whole event: dr hab. Bogna Łakomska, prof. ASP. Curatorship of the international artists’ show: Ana Tomás Miralles, Universitat Politècnica de València. Photography by dr hab. Bogna Łakomska, prof. ASP.

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My work exhibited in Spain


My print „Midnight” is now on show in Centro Municipal De Juventud Orriols, on the collective show „Accidentes Creativos. Bosquearte”, curated by Ana Tomas Miralles. The show will be on until 10.06.2022. It is a pleasure to be a part of the show!

Moja grafika „Północ” jest prezentowana w ramach wystawy „Accidentes Creativos. Bosquearte”, trwającej do 10.06.2022 w Centro Municipal De Juventud Orriols w Hiszpanii. Kurator wystawy: Ana Tomás Miralles, Universitat Politécnica de Valencia.