My Sketchbook on the sketchbooks exhibition in Poland


Do you have a sketchbook with you?

I am happy to be chosen for a collective show of SKETCHBOOKS.

My sketchbook is a hand-drawn picturebook, and it contains a short story which is called „I always wanted to be pink”. It tells about a person who is green and always wanted to be pink, and another one who is pink and always wanted to be green. I worked on semiabstract traces of green ink painted onto wet paper, and I finished it up with crayons, giving it very narrative approach, and drawing the story’s characters, details of their faces and hands, as well as bigger landscapes.

Same as last year, I submitted a sketchbook which was produced by hand. This year I made it out of paper, and last year I used paper, cartonbox and a transparent jacket with linocut figure printed on it. I’m happy to be a part of expo again this year.

Here is how the „I always wanted to be pink” came to life:

The sketchbooks were chosen for show by the Jury of „Szkic ma moc” competition, and they will be on display this summer (2023). I enjoy to be selected by the great organisers, and I am excited to see the other works together with mine in the beautiful printed catalogue that is released with the exhibition.

x Barbara


A video of my solo show „Behind the city’s surface” in States!


First of all, happy to write to you in the new year 2023!

This year starts with the exhibition of mine that is on display since December the 3rd 2022, and will be on until the end of January 2023. If some of you are currently in Florida, I’m more than happy to invite you to have a look at my show, and for the ones in other countries – I prepared a video with description of the project. The walk around the show is given by Melissa Gonzalez-Lopez, who filmed the shots of the exhibition. I put it together into a video, and provided you some close-ups of the patterns, as well as a short story about the process of creating the collection of patterns which I show on the exhibition.

The video is in English, I also added subtitles so that it is more accessible. Have a look and enjoy the watching! Let me know if this type of walks around the exhibitions interest you. For me it was very nice to sum up this exhibition, and two other before, and have a full documentation of the show, spaces, and sometimes even questions from visitors. If you are into this type of art visits, I’d be happy if you subscribe to my channel or like my video to let me know about your interest. And to see my future videos (the list is growing).

The licence for patterns is available to be bought, and I am looking forward to collaborate with textile industries. It’s been some time since I last saw my patterns printed as comfy duvets, and I developed so many new patterns since then, that this is time perhaps.

New year greetings,


Solo exhibition in Tallahassee, USA


Hello! With this poster I would like to share it with you that I am more than happy to have the second individual exhibition of my art in Tallahassee, state city of Florida, USA.

This one is a dedicated original project of mine, in which I am showing a set of patterns inspired by the nature of Leon County. It was a great adventure for me to draw it, watching so many beautiful species that live there.

Soon I will tell you more about it and about the patterns themselves.

You will also be able to find online some items with the nature patterns, so if you search for christmas gifts for your loved ones, I will soon let you know how to find my illustrations on mugs, backpacks, pillows, courtains and beddings (I am especially excited about backpacks and beddings, as they are the items of nice trips and some rest).

Many thanks to the Le Roy Collins Library for hosting the exhibition and to Melissa Gonzalez-Lopez for help with preparations.

Have a great afternoon!

solo exhibition in Valencia, Spain


My solo exhibition in Valencia will get opened next thursday, 27.10.2022, in La Finestra, Valencia.

I will be there, and if any of you will be in Valencia at that time and will want to meet me, I will be more than glad to tell you a couple of words about my art.

See you at La Finestra!

My work exhibited in Spain


My print „Midnight” is now on show in Centro Municipal De Juventud Orriols, on the collective show „Accidentes Creativos. Bosquearte”, curated by Ana Tomas Miralles. The show will be on until 10.06.2022. It is a pleasure to be a part of the show!

Moja grafika „Północ” jest prezentowana w ramach wystawy „Accidentes Creativos. Bosquearte”, trwającej do 10.06.2022 w Centro Municipal De Juventud Orriols w Hiszpanii. Kurator wystawy: Ana Tomás Miralles, Universitat Politécnica de Valencia.

My graphic print in Cagliari, Italy (Sardegna)


Do końca miesiąca w Cagliari we Włoszech (Sardynia) wśród świetnych prac innych artystów można zobaczyć moją grafikę małoformatową w technice łączonej, w ramach wystawy „Grafica eco-lógica”. Kuratorzy: Ana Tomás Miralles i Chele Esteve.

Till the end of the month in Cagliari in Italy (Sardegna) you can see my graphic print in mixed technique. The exhibition shows many great works of various artists. Curated by Ana Tomás Miralles and Chele Esteve.

Sketchbook exhibition „Szkic ma moc 2022”



Happy to be among the artists chosen for the exhibition „Szkic ma moc 2022” [„Sketch has power 2022”]. The show will take place at June – August 2022, and the full list of artists included in the show is available in the link


Mój szkicownik „Pod powierzchnią” znalazł się w Indeksie wystawy „Szkic ma moc 2022”! Cieszę się ze znalezienia się wśród artystów i artystek wybranych do wystawy. Ekspozycja prac przewidziana na czerwiec – sierpień 2022. Pełna lista artystów i artystek w linku:

BOlogna online exhibition


Z przyjemnością dzielę się linkiem do wystawy online, w formie katalogu ilustracji, a wśród nich i mojej pracy! Zobaczycie ją na – zbiór to ilustracje wpisane w ustalony kształt i mówiące o portykach w Bolonii, które od zeszłego roku wpisane są na listę światowego dziedzictwa UNESCO.

Passing a link to the online exhibition, taking place from March 1st to June 30th, 2022 at on the homepage and in a dedicated section: in the set an illustration of mine. Enjoy!

Pictures of my solo exhibition „The stories I draw” at Phyllis Straus Gallery in Tallahassee, Florida, USA.


Pictures taken by the great Melissa Gonzalez-Lopez, who is also, together with Hannah Hancock, the curator of the show. Many thanks!

solo exhibition in phyllis straus gallery, USA


Today I am inviting all of you to my solo exhibition „The stories I draw”, which will take place at Phyllis Straus Gallery in the state capital of Florida: Tallahassee, Florida, USA.

„The stories I draw” is a solo exhibition of Barbara El ‚s graphic prints. In her art she aims to capture the universal emotions, feelings and difficulties. She portrays them with the depictions of the fantastic creatures. Skipping the human facial portrait, she portrays what fills the human’s heart. Is it the fear, sadness, loneliness, or care, love, joy and affection. The world of the fantastic creatures started with the linocuts showing people in masks with feathers atop, alike to the venetian carnival or peste masks. They then evolved: the creatures are fully created of different species’ elements. Unrecognised as any particular kind, rather a mix of many, they then turned completely into animalistic depictions of human emotions, with the fox becoming a common figure in her illustrations and graphic prints. She uses fox figure to tell the stories of many. Staying visually similar in the stories, the fox speaks about various feelings, yet is above the divisions.

The works presented at the show are done in the linocut and lithography technique. The colorful linocuts are created in reduced matrix technique, or in different words the Picasso method, meaning each colour is cut on the same matrix in different timespans. Each colour is printed as a different layer, which then is reduced to leftovers and the stamp of the last colour. The worlds created in relief printmaking techniques and lithographies oscilate around the universal subjects.