book poster set | plakat książkowy

Book posters project is an idea held to promote books via the great medium of a poster. Why should movies, lingerie and concerts be more privilleged in the poster medium than the books are? Here we come then, with a sample of four posters that are my tribute to literature. They can be printed in a big size and put on walls or can also be used as book covers (contact me if interested in any use).

I used photography to depict an idea or impression of the book. It is clear and does not have to be as personalised as illustrations, so the posters don’t affect the perception on the book’s plot. They are rather my loose interpretation. It is surely not as affected by the personal style as the brush or hand drawing and that was my criterium of choice – in the end I’m here only to invite you to the books’ world, not to create it again on my own.

"Casanova: Story of my life" book poster // "Casanova: Pamiętniki" plakat książkowy

„Casanova: Story of my life” book poster // „Casanova: Pamiętniki” plakat książkowy

"Nabokov: Lolita" book poster // "Nabokov: Lolita" plakat książkowy

„Nabokov: Lolita” book poster // „Nabokov: Lolita” plakat książkowy

„Borges: Los immortales” // „Borges: Nieśmiertelny”

„Camus: La Peste” // „Camus: Dżuma”



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