gARTen 2021 in Gdynia, Poland



I would like to invite you for the exhibition of my original project gARTen, that I am curating. The project is done as a part of the activities of Dyfuzja Science Club of Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk, Poland. The exhibition was created thanks to the support of the City of Gdynia.

The opening time: 01.07.2021, at 18:00.

The exhibition is an extension of the gARTen Project, this time with international artists from Venezuela, Cuba, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Germany, Switzerland and Poland.

Exhibiting artists:
Rosangela Aguilar [Venezuela], Mercedes Borgunska [Poland], Aglaia Brändli [Switzerland], Katrin Jason Erthel [Germany], Melissa González-López [Cuba], Weronika Grześ [Poland], Marthe Howitz [Germany], Anna Jakubowska [Poland], Tobias Konig [Switzerland], Alicia Landez [Spain],Tim Leimbach [Germany], Barbara Leszczyńska [Poland], João Melo [Portugal], Macarena Merchán Romero [Spain], Erica Monzali [Italy], Olga Wardęga [Poland], and the Special Guest: Ana Tomás Miralles, Universitat Politècnica de València [Spain].
Artists were invited by Barbara Leszczyńska (with final coordination), Olga Wardęga and Weronika Grześ.

We are honoured to be exhibiting the project in the space of Gdynia Kulturalna, under the support of the Culture Department of City Hall of Gdynia. Many thanks to Gdynia and to Culture Department of the City Hall of Gdynia for such an honour and possibility of exhibiting the gARTen 2021 Project in such an amazing space!The exhibition will be open to visit, starting at 01.07.2021, and lasting until 13.07.2021,12.00. It is free to enter.

About the exhibition:

It is an original project created by Barbara El / Leszczyńska and performed as a part of the activities of Dyfuzja Science Club of Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk, Poland. It is set to give a message in reference to the current state of all-over-the-world pandemic and lockdowns of different levels.
This is the message to the people affected by the pandemic, from the artists creating in times of pandemic. Through the message we, the artists, share feelings and emotions. We also are in an international dialogue, as most of us come from different countries.
gARTen is a garden of art, therefore it is prepared to be seen as an open-air exhibition.
The reproductions of works are followed by QR codes which will lead the viewer to the author’s work description. This multimedia aspect is a way of transferring the authors’ stories to the place where the viewers are watching the works. In the measures of social distance, the viewer will be able to listen to the author’s voice describing the story behind the artwork, in most cases from long kilometers away.


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